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Saturday 25th, May 2024
Ireland Report / Story
The GhostÉire vodcast had it's third live show after a year on hiatus, the show ran on the 24th of May 2024. The third show sees Anthony from GhostÉire interview The Occult Family.

From GhostÉire youtube channel,
We would like to give a sincere warmest of welcomes to The Occult Family – dubbed the ‘The Real Life Addams Family” by the press and TV companies. The family consists of JP, partner Kymmi and daughters Snow and Pebble. They love nothing more than spending their spare time attempting to speak to Spirits and going on ghost hunts. The families interest in the occult and paranormal has led them to collect their own haunted artefacts. The family also possess ‘Mortica’ – the household vehicle, which is unsurprisingly a hearse. They use their funeral car to take them to the local supermarket, for city breaks and for their general day-to-day living.

At the beginning of the show we’ll chat about ‘The Occult Family’. Both JP and Kymmi had an interest in the paranormal at a young age, so it wasn’t surprising that the metaphysical world brought them together in later years. The girls - Snow and Pebble also share the same passion, after joining JP and Kymmi on a couple of ghost hunts. JP and Kymmi noticed that their children started to show signs of clairvoyance (perceiving beyond normal sensory contact). Since then, JP and Kymmi have encouraged the girls to expand their gift and speak to Spirits. The family reside in Manchester, England and have appeared on such TV shows as ‘This Morning’ (UK) and ‘Studio 10’ (Australia).

Halfway through the show the conversation will turn to ‘My Haunted Hotel’. The Occult Family recently investigated Ye Olde Kings Head in Chester, England. This Tudor-style hotel was built in 1622 (during the Stuart period), yet erected on the foundations of a 13th century building; which had originally been constructed for an administrator of Chester Castle – a Peter Clerk. On New Year’s Eve of 1982, a lady sleeping in Room 6 suddenly awoke, sat up and to her astonishment saw a ‘man in black’ figure at the end of her bed. However, it wasn’t fear that she sensed, but calmness instead. It didn’t deter her from staying in the same room the next night for New Year. Another ghost, that of a young child appears in Room 4.

The last part of the evening, the attention will be drawn to the ‘Occult Room Artefacts’. The family have accumulated a large amount of haunted objects, either by collecting, or being given them by concerned members of the public who want to get rid. In fact, they have gathered so much, that they have had to make a special room for them. The haunted objects include a Dybbuk box which is said to contain two entities, a Tamagotchi from Japan, and a doll named ‘MiMi’ who is believed to be possessed by a demonic entity.
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