PJ O Sullivan - Puca Vogue Paranormal - Interview
Tuesday 28th, May 2024
Ireland Report / Story
We run a regular series of interview articles with individuals in the Irish Paranormal community, this interview is with PJ O Sullivan from Puca Vogue Paranormal.

PJ O Sullivan

Puca Vogue Paranormal

What sparked your interest in the paranormal?
When I was quite young I had two experiences that never left me, one was two of us both saw a translucent shape of a person go in front of us, so two separate minds, two separate people but unexplainable that we both saw the exact same being, so I put it to the back of mind for years until it resurfaced and now for almost 20 years, paranormal is in my blood and veins, its pure passion but with that and every investigation we as a group always say we have more questions then answers. Leo is my son and he has grown up with [the] Paranormal, so we are two generations along with his partner Eva. Rory and Veronika, which together we are Team Puca Vogue and our passion drives everything, each team member with their own skill set.

What area (ghosts, ufos, aliens, cryptids etc.) of the paranormal is most interesting to you and why?
Ghosts/Spirits/Cryptids/practice of ancient traditions and myths. For me the more my world grew in the paranormal field it proved and showed there is more than this physical world. Everyone has their own way and descriptions from spirits, ghosts etc. but each to their own. But when you keep seeing shadows, hearing EVP’S, capturing evidence etc. and you know its unexplainable it is why you keep going and try to get better at what you do as a paranormal researcher and investigator. While in New Orleans when I did a trip to The Myrtles Plantation I learned and heard stories of Vodoo, New Orleans is rich in folklore and this did open my mind to learn more about their past, even visiting the tomb of Marie Laveau known as The Vodoo Queen in Saint Louis Cemetery, New Orleans. She was a Louisiana Creole practitioner of voodoo, herbalist and midwife who was renowned in New Orleans. Her daughter, Marie Laveau II also practiced rootwork, conjure, native American and African spiritualism as well as Louisiana Voodoo and traditional Roman Catholicism.

What is your favourite place/location to visit/investigate?
To be fair as a team we all have many, combined our list is Redwood Castle, we go back often so it is like going home, which helps on the investigations as we learn more with names and this has strengthened our investigations, if you think of it like home and we keep going back it builds a bond with the castle. Others include Leap Castle, Wicklow Jail, [and] Ducketts Grove. I will say being part of one the first Irish Paranormal teams to investigate Loftus Hall many years ago holds a lot for me personally.

What does a paranormal investigation look like?
For us as a team, we start by introducing ourselves and then building energy on each floor of the lockdown area. Paranormal investigations, while methods are the same as in vigils and equipment, the aim is to let the location breath around us and guide us to the areas of interest. I say there is no exact map to an investigation and they do vary, we use [the] estes method, spirit box, temperature activation items, rempods, motion sensor ball, audio alarms, trigger objects, laser grid pens, K2, cameras, instant picture cameras, dowsing rods, we try everything and more...
The best piece of kit in my opinion is yourself, just sit back, take away distractions turn off the light and let your senses guide you on location.

What is the strangest experience you’ve had that you can’t explain?
Wicklow Jail in solitary confinement feeling and knowing some one was standing at the end of my nose face to face, feeling it in my whole body and then the feeling like their head went through mine... And I ran lol ,but by morning my face was marked, as for the rest of the night one check of my face was on fire, the people present placed their hand near my face and just like that one side was getting hotter like a branding fire!! Interesting we returned just February gone and In the solitary confinement cell Eva had a similar experience we shared the clip.

What tools or equipment do you use on investigations?
Estes method, spirit box, temperature activation items, rempods, motion sensor ball, audio alarms, trigger objects, laser grid pens, K2, cameras, instant picture cameras, dowsing rods just to mention a few, as a team we don’t travel light!

Are there malevolent forces at play in the paranormal world?
You cant rule it out so, yes, but if you think about it we have malevolent forces in the physical world too!!

Why do you think Ireland has so many locations that investigators can choose from to investigate?
I believe we are a nation built of piseog’s and who didn’t grow up hearing about the banshee or listening to the story teller Eddie Lenihan. While we have many, a lot is out of reach which is sad as paranormal teams could add weight financially to help these sites sometimes more then they make on a day open [to the] public. I would love to see all those amazing sites embrace us paranormal teams more not just Irish but international teams. We could together add more to the learnings of Ireland's past while supporting their future.

What advice would you give to someone with an interest in the paranormal that wants to get involved?
I would say go on a few public investigations to see if it is in fact something that suits you, paranormal investigations are work. You have the cost of travel, equipment, your time but most importantly you need patience and to be open!! Investigations are long nights so patience is a must, but my final advice is if you want to get involved, then you go do it!!

If you had conclusive evidence to prove the paranormal world existed would you continue to investigate or is that enough of an answer for you as an investigator?
Are you mad lol, I know for me and the team, we have to keep going, we believe we already have the proof of the paranormal world but we want to know, hear and see everyone’s story but as I say we end up with more questions, but we will keep investigating!

What’s the most heart racing experience you’ve had that turned out to not be paranormal

A door literally banging behind me and a light anomaly which on investigation was debunked due to air movement in the area and a spot tiny light reflection, everything we believe we capture we have to look for logic and try to debunk it so anything we share with like minded people we believe to be true captures, I love when you have a camera in an empty room, an uncontaminated lockdown and you capture an EVP, when I hear 'HELP ME'. It does give you the chills, but I always say we leave it to you to decide.

Anything else you'd like to add that we haven’t asked?
Paranormal teams can lead to great communities and friends and I can honestly say from me and the team we have many Irish paranormal teams as fantastic friends, which is great to see people working supporting each other. These teams have amazing personalities and we even share and compare captures so when you have two teams on one location and both have captured the same names, evp etc. It certainly carries weight to your investigation, recently I did a round table with a great friend on another team and at that round table we confirmed we had all captured the same EVP name in Wicklow Jail on separate investigation’s and like wise with Redwood Castle so we as a team are thankful to those friends and supporters.

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