The House That Attracted Cats
Friday 4th, February 2022
Reported Experience
Building a family home is a time of happiness and enjoyment, it can be frustrating sometimes working with architects, builders and designers but once your dream home is completed it's expected to be enjoyable going forward, it almost never enters the families mind that something strange or odd might take place.

An Irish family had spent time building their family home on a site where once stood a thatched cottage prior to this new build, progress was made and the build was completed.

The oddities started on the first day that the family moved it but at the time they were not to think anything off it at first, but on this day in their new family home a black cat showed up at the front door of the house, nothing odd about this as it very frequently happens around the world, cats pick who and were they live.

The cat stayed with the family for four years before being killed on the road near the house, nothing odd here. A few months go by and another small black cat with white paws shows up at the family's front door, eventually this new arrival disappeared and it was assumed it had died on the road, similarly to the first cat.

Then two weeks after the second cat had disappeared another cat showed up at the family's front door, this cat was brown and black, this was when the family started to think this is weird.

The house seemed to attract cats even though they had a dog for 10 years that hated cats. The cats were never afraid of the dog and the cats always arrived at the front door waiting to be let in.

Another strange occurrence in relation to this house (separate to cats), the main bedroom was directly over the sitting room in a dormer style, around 1996 an aunt of the family visited the home with a friend of hers, the main bedroom was given to the two visitors for their stay and at some stage during the night the friend of the aunt had a heart attack and passed away in the bed.

Following this unfortunate event, as the years went on the china cabinet in the sitting room directly under the bed in the main room would shake, this was a common occurrence.

Then one night the father had a heart attack and died in the same bed and on the same side of the bed as the aunt's friend. A week after the fathers passing the family were in the sitting room with a few visitors and there was a large smashing sound that came from the china cabinet, the china tea pot had broken in two pieces.

After this event the family we’re so unnerved about the odd things they had experienced over the years and could no longer take it so they moved out of the house to be rid of whatever was behind these strange occurrences.
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