Just One Ouija Board Experience Is Enough For Some
Wednesday 1st, May 2024
Ireland Report / Story
A harmless pastime turned into a chilling warning, for this witness, leading him to swear off Ouija boards forever.

The witness, who chose to remain anonymous, recounted a series of events that began during his teenage years and culminated in an occurrence that caused him to question the safety and reality of these spirit boards.

At the age of around 16/17, the man and several friends began experimenting with a Ouija board, a tool traditionally believed to be a tool that can be used to communicate with spirits. "It fascinated me at the time and we were all up for it", he recalled. However, the initial curiosity soon turned into fear as the group believed they had contacted the supernatural. The unsettling encounter led them to abandon the session.

Despite this frightening experience, curiosity prevailed, and weeks later the young man found himself setting up an impromptu solo session in his bedroom. He had not progressed far in his preparations when an incident occurred. "I was just placing [the letters and numbers] around a big old round mirror... when suddenly a cassette tape bounced off the stereo system and across the room, landing between my feet", he recounted. The tape had been flung a distance of about 10 feet with no apparent cause.

The shock of this event was enough to deter him from further experiments with the board. "Needless to say, I was bright enough to realise this was someone telling me to cop myself on. I never did it again, it sure did shake me up", he stated.

Additionally, the man shared that he experienced sleep paralysis throughout the years, a condition where one awakens partially but remains unable to move. This phenomenon often features hallucinations and a profound sense of another presence in the room with the person experiencing the sleep paralysis. "I used to regularly get the sleep paralysis thing too, being awake but frozen utterly stiff in the bed and unable to move", he explained. These episodes, which have not occurred in recent years, added to his array of eerie experiences.

Sleep paralysis is recognised by medical professionals as a common sleep disorder that occurs during transitions between wakefulness and sleep. Experts note that stress and poor sleep hygiene can exacerbate the condition, though it is generally not considered dangerous.
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