Ghost Woman Travelling on a Bus Eireann Bus
Thursday 3rd, February 2022
Reported Experience
One night while travelling on a Bus Eireann bus, being the last scheduled bus of the day, at around 9pm, the witness was sitting up the front of the bus on the passenger side.

The witness noted that the seat directly behind the driver was empty, as most people would scan the seats to see where to sit when they get on a bus.

The bus journey was to take a turn on the stranger side for the witness. The witness describes that when they looked forward they could see a woman out of the corner of their eye sitting in the seat behind the bus driver, but as soon as the witness turned to look at the woman sitting behind the driver, there was no one there.

The witness described the woman, from what they could make out, as being of the age of approximately 55 to 60 years old, also the witness said that they didn't feel threatened or scared during the experience.

The witness is said to have witnessed this woman for over an hour before the witness got off the bus at their stop.
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