Ireland Is The Lost City of Atlantis, Claims Keystone University
Monday 15th, April 2024
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An assertion by researchers at Keystone University Ireland has resourced on the internet around the age old debate surrounding the mythical Lost City of Atlantis. In a YouTube video titled "Atlantis Ireland" which was first published in January 2020, the academics present a case suggesting that Ireland may indeed be the fabled location of Atlantis.

According to the video, the neolithic tomb at Newgrange in the Boyne Valley is posited as the temple of Atlantis, purportedly one of the oldest temples on Earth. The researchers argue that Atlantis Ireland was devastated by a massive tsunami triggered by a comet over 11,000 years ago.

Furthermore, the video contends that the Irish were pioneers in developing an advanced civilization, including innovations in boats, fishing, agriculture, and metalwork. This assertion aligns with the belief that Atlantis was among the most technologically advanced societies of its time.

A spokesperson for Keystone University Ireland stated, "It was the Ancient Irish who gave the gift of civilization to a barbaric world. During the dark ages, Ireland’s spectacular history was mutilated by her enemies. It’s time to set the record straight".

This is not the first time Ireland has been proposed as the site of Atlantis. In 2004, Swedish academic Dr. Ulf Erlingsson suggested that the geography of Atlantis closely matches that of Ireland. However, his theories were met with skepticism by the National Museum of Ireland due to a lack of archaeological evidence.

"We can say that we know of no archaeological evidence which would support Mr. Erlingsson's theory", stated museum director Dr. Patrick Wallace at the time.

While the notion of Ireland as Atlantis captures the public imagination, scholars urge caution in accepting such claims without robust empirical evidence. The debate surrounding Atlantis and its possible location remains a topic of fascination and speculation within academic and popular discourse.
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