31 Years On, Gardaí Renew Efforts to Solve Annie McCarrick Disappearance and Murder Mystery
Tuesday 26th, March 2024
Ireland Report / Story
In a bid to unravel the decades old mystery surrounding the disappearance and murder of Annie McCarrick, who vanished from Dublin 31 years ago, the Gardaí (Irish police) have renewed their efforts and appealed to the public for assistance.

Originally from New York, Annie McCarrick was just 26 years old when she disappeared on March 26, 1993, from the Sandymount area of Dublin. Having settled in the city earlier that year, she worked as a waitress in local restaurants. The morning of her disappearance began with a routine grocery shopping trip to Quinnsworth on Sandymount Road, leaving behind unpacked shopping bags in her apartment.

Last year, the case was officially upgraded to a murder investigation, marking a significant development in the prolonged inquiry. On the anniversary of her disappearance, the Gardaí reiterated their unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth behind Annie's fate.

A spokesperson for An Garda Síochána stated, "As we commemorate the 31st anniversary of Annie's disappearance, An Garda Síochána remains committed to uncovering the truth and progressing this investigation." The spokesperson continued, "Gardaí are renewing their appeal to the public for any information that may shed light on Annie's disappearance and murder."

Individuals who may have interacted with Annie on or after March 26, 1993, are urged to come forward and assist in the investigation. The smallest detail could prove crucial in piecing together the events leading to her disappearance and subsequent murder.

Described as 1.76m (5'8") in height, weighing ten stone, with long brown hair and a soft Irish American accent, Annie McCarrick is remembered as a vibrant young woman whose life was tragically cut short.

Gardaí believe that Annie had a large brown leather bag with her when she disappeared, a detail that could jog memories and potentially lead to valuable information.

The case of Annie McCarrick's disappearance and murder remains one of Ireland's most enduring mysteries, haunting her loved ones and the wider community. As the investigation enters its fourth decade, the Gardaí are determined to bring closure to this long-standing puzzle and ensure justice for Annie McCarrick.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the investigation team at Irishtown Garda Station at 01-666-9600, their local garda station, or the Garda Confidential line at 1800-666-111.
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