Total Darkness, Public Investigation, Grace Hill - Shadow Hunters NI - 23rd March 2024
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Monday 26th, February 2024
Ireland Report / Story
Shadow Hunters NI are holding a public investigation of Grace Hill on the 23rd of March 2024, there are a number of options to attend the paranormal investigation event.

There are three different ticket options, Standard, After Hour and Total Lockdown. Standard tickets will set you back £25 while an After Hour ticket will cost you £30 (the After Hour ticket includes Standard ticket entry) and then Total Lockdown (which is sold out) would have set you back £45.

At the moment of publishing this event there were 12 Standard tickets still available and 13 After Hour tickets still available.

From the Shadow Hunters NI website and event page,
Welcome to ‘Total Darkness’ – a unique and immersive paranormal experience that will ignite your curiosity and test the boundaries of your senses. Join us on a journey like no other, where we explore the mysteries that dwell beyond the realm of sight. As you navigate through a world cloaked in absolute darkness, you’ll encounter chilling phenomena and forge unexplainable connections. Dare to embrace the darkness and prepare for an unforgettable adventure – where your perceptions will be pushed to their limits, and the paranormal awaits.

For more information keep an eye on the Shadow Hunters website and/or their Facebook page.
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