To Hell, Heaven and Home Again - The Close Encounters Podcast - Episode 10 - NIUFOS
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Saturday 10th, February 2024
Ireland Report / Story
To Hell, Heaven and Home Again is the tenth show in The Close Encounters Podcast by the Northern Ireland UFO Society (NIUFOS). In this show the host Chris McMurray talks with Kathy McDaniel, a woman who had a NDE as a result of lung failure, back in the 00's. Kathy recounts her experience in hell, her time in heaven, what it has taught her and how the experience changed her life for ever.

In part 1 of this episode:

Chris chooses a small selection of interesting and weird news in, That's What I Call News, covering:

  • NASA discovers 85 new exoplanets, 60 of which may support life.
  • Thai family haunted by eerie shadow figure after son takes someones offering from a temple.
  • Earth narrowly avoids catastrophe.
  • China intensifies efforts to detect alien life.

In part 2, we chat to Kathy McDaniel about her Near Death Experience and her memoir recounting her time before, during and after it.

And finally in part 3,

A brief overview of what to look forward to next episode.
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