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Wednesday 31st, January 2024
Ireland Report / Story
They Believe is the eight show in The Close Encounters Podcast by the Northern Ireland UFO Society (NIUFOS). In this show the host Chris McMurray talks with brother and sister hosts Eric and Michelle Connor of the "We Believe... Do You?" podcast, discussing some of the experiences they themselves have witnessed and some of their favourite accounts shared with them from their guests.

In part 1 of this episode:

Chris chooses a small selection of interesting and weird news in, That's What I Call News, covering:

  • The recent release of footage of a Jellyfish UFO seen over a military installation in 2008
  • Breakthrough in weight loss via mindful eating
  • 30ft Triangular UFO sighted by private pilot
  • The private mission to Venus in search for ET life

In part 2, we chat to Michelle and Eric Connor about their experiences with the paranormal since childhood and their podcast, "We believe... do you?". Eric and Michelle share some startling accounts of high strangeness in their childhood home and why they think their grandfather is responsible.

And finally in part 3,

A brief overview of what to look forward to next episode.

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