Beaming A Cosmic Invitation To Extraterrestrial Tourists From Lexington, Kentucky
 Alien & UFOs
Monday 22nd, January 2024
In a novel attempt to attract intergalactic tourists, the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau has utilised an infrared laser to beam a carefully crafted message into space. The move comes amid recent UFO revelations and advancements in deep space imaging, fostering the belief that we might not be alone in the vast universe.

The message, initiated by Lexington native Robert Lodder, an expert in computer engineering, astrobiology, and Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), seeks to captivate potential extraterrestrial visitors with a vivid description of Central Kentucky. The communication highlights the region's lush green countryside, vibrant city center, renowned bluegrass, gentle rolling hills, horse farms, and its famous bourbon.

The campaign involved collaboration with scientists and scholars spanning various fields, including engineering, linguistics, digital media, philosophy, and science fiction. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted approval for the responsible transmission of the message into space.

A key aspect of the communication is a coded bitmap image, meticulously designed to represent elements of life, Lexington's iconic landscapes, and the molecular structures of water, bourbon, and dopamine. Linguistics expert Dr. Andrew Byrd emphasised the inclusion of imagery to convey the essence of Lexington's unique character.

The message is directed toward potentially habitable planets in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system, located 40 light years away. Despite the ambitious outreach, the agency acknowledges that it could take up to 40 years for the message to reach its intended destination, and an additional 40 years to receive any potential response.

While the extraterrestrial tourism endeavor is a long-term project, the agency concurrently invites earthly travelers to explore the charm of Central Kentucky. The campaign reflects a blend of scientific curiosity, community engagement, and a touch of humor, making Lexington's tourism initiative a distinctive and memorable venture.
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