Internet Being Cleansed Of UFO Incident Near President Biden's Plane?!
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Thursday 4th, January 2024
A peculiar incident involving an unidentified flying object (UFO) near President Joe Biden's aircraft has stirred both curiosity and controversy. Ufologist Chris Lehto has claimed that references to the incident are being systematically erased from the internet, fueling speculation about the nature of the encounter.

According to Lehto, the incident was initially covered by several U.S. news outlets, but these reports seemingly vanished from Google search results. Attempts to find information about the incident through queries like "UFO near Joe Biden’s aircraft" yield surprisingly scant results, with a limited number of links to TikTok, USA Today, and tabloids such as the Daily Mail and New York Post.

"I think the reason it was removed from the Internet is because they (authorities) don’t want questions asked about why the F-35s didn’t identify the object," Lehto expressed.

The incident, which unfolded in Los Angeles, involved two F-35 fighter jets escorting President Biden’s plane, one of which was flying in close proximity when the UFO passed by. Notably, there has been no official identification of the mysterious object to date.

Three weeks after the incident, the nature of the UFO remains a puzzle, prompting questions about whether it was an extraterrestrial craft tracking the U.S. President or something more mundane, like a runaway balloon.

Crucially, the airspace around Los Angeles Airport, like all other major airports, strictly prohibits unauthorised aircraft. In the event of radar detection of a drone or unidentified aircraft, emergency measures, including a temporary ban on takeoffs and landings, would typically be enforced. Strangely, no such restrictions or warnings were reported at Los Angeles Airport that day, raising eyebrows about the handling of the situation.

Eyewitnesses, including the Solorzano brothers who were filming the incident, insist that the object was not a drone or a hot air balloon. Describing it as a "bizarre sight," they humorously alluded to the Men in Black, suggesting they would refrain from recording any evidence of extraterrestrial life to avoid trouble.

As speculation continues to swirl, the incident underscores the persistent fascination and mystery surrounding UFO sightings. Whether this event will be shrouded in secrecy or eventually unraveled remains to be seen, leaving both skeptics and believers eagerly awaiting further developments.
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