Catherine Tate To Star In West End Play About 1970's Enfield Poltergeist Haunting
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Friday 14th, July 2023
Comedian and actress Catherine Tate is to star in a West End play about the Enfield Poltergeist. Being one of the most famous poltergeist cases and one of the most documented by reliable witnesses. It all took place in a north London council house in the late 1970s.

The cast of The Enfield Haunting also includes David Threlfall, best known for his role as Frank Gallagher in the TV show Shameless.

Tate, 53, who has appeared in Doctor Who, Queen Of Oz, and her own series, The Catherine Tate Show, will play single mother Peggy Hodgson, who is trying to protect her three children from a disturbing supernatural force.

Talking about the play, Tate said: "I'm thrilled to be part of The Enfield Haunting and can't wait to start working with the first-class creative team and the brilliant David Threlfall."

Threlfall will portray ghost hunter Maurice Grosse, who was a real-life paranormal investigator who helped the Hodgson family.

The 69-year-old actor said: "I'm delighted to be reuniting with director Angus Jackson and working for the first time with the amazing Catherine Tate on Paul Unwin's version of the UK's most famous incident of psychological inhabitation, The Enfield Haunting, in 1977."

Writer Unwin spent time with a poltergeist expert to learn what had happened to the Hodgson family.

Unwin said "Before Guy Lyon Playfair, the poltergeist expert, died in 2018, I spent a long afternoon with him in his basement flat in Earl's Court."

"He and Maurice Grosse had spent months with the Hodgson family trying to protect them, but also make sense of what was going on."

"What Guy told me was terrifying. So much of what appears to have happened was impossible to fake and yet at the centre of the whole thing were real people trying to make sense of their lives."

"The Enfield Haunting is a psychological ghost story. It is a ghost story for now."
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