Public Investigation - Inchagoill Island - PSI Ireland - 23rd August 2023
Tuesday 11th, July 2023
Ireland Report / Story
PSI Ireland will be holding a public paranormal investigation on Inchagoill Island in County Galway on the 23rd of August 2023.

The investigation will be an overnight stay, you can contact PSI Ireland through their Facebook page linked below for further information.

From the PSI Ireland Facebook page,
PSI Ireland will be carrying out a Public Paranormal Investigation on Inchagoill Island in Co.Galway on the 23rd August. This will be a full overnight stay. We are inviting members of the public to join us in this Investigation. You will get to see us close up how we perform a Paranormal Investigation. And you can get involved yourself. If you are interested in coming with PSI Ireland please send a PM. Most importantly please bring warm clothing and camping equipment ie Tents etc. Complimentary Tea, coffee and soup will be available and a rough and ready breakfast the following morning. Thank you all for your continued support for PSI Ireland. PS please remember *payments are non-refundable unless in the case PSI Ireland cancels the investigation*