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Friday 14th, July 2023
Ireland Report / Story
Esra left her home at Collinstown Grove in Clondalkin, West Dublin to buy milk shortly after 7.15am on February 23, 2011, this was the last time Esra was seen by her family.

Haunted Éire's latest video is based on the disappearance of Esra Uyrun.

Esra's Renault Twingo car was found parked at the bottom of Bray Head in County Wicklow but it wasn't possible for Gardaí to identify who was driving the car.

A gap in the timeline between Esra leaving home and her car being spotted at a nearby roundabout half an hour later has puzzled detectives from the off.

Berna said,
"The time difference between her home and the Power City roundabout, which is normally only four or five minutes away, took over 30 minutes."

"What happened in the lost time? Did someone stop her car? Did she stop to help and someone took her? All these thoughts go through my mind."

"So many scenarios run through your head and not good ones."

"I know my sister and I know how passionate she was about her family and for her to go missing I only think the worse."

"I had spoken to her on the Sunday before she went missing and she was looking forward to mum going over."

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