UFO & Occupants?! Kumburgaz, Turkey 2007 - 2009
 Alien Life & UFO/UAPs
Wednesday 12th, July 2023
A close up UFO video which supposedly shows occupants of the craft.

Roger Leir,
"It's called the Kumburgaz video, which is a close-up of a craft, so close that you can see the occupants. It is 100% real, and I was there as it was filmed."

Jacques Vallée,
"This is 100% genuine footage"

Roger Leir,
"We were able to get very tight on the leading edge of the craft …Right in the front of the craft there appeared to be 3 windows, viewing ports... standing in these viewing ports were typical... grey aliens"

You can check out the video above or at the link below.
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