Italian UFO Crash Reportedly Predates Roswell Crash
 Alien & UFOs
Tuesday 4th, July 2023
UFO researcher Roberto Pinotti has claimed that a crashed UFO in Milan in 1932 was a genuine covered up UFO crash which predates one of the most famous UFO crashes to date, the Roswell crash.

The crash is reported to have taken place when dictator Benito Mussolini was in power and he demanded "absolute silence" about what was categorised as an "unknown aircraft", which led to the formation of a secretive research team known as RS/33 which was run by Guglielmo Marconi.

The crashed object was reportedly recovered and stored in a military controlled facility but the object was eventually handed over to the United States at the end o fWorld War 2 and some say through the help of the Vatican, who knows!?

Pinotti maintained that he had been anonymously sent a number of documents pertaining to the incident which showed that it had been covered up.

What became of the object after it was taken to the US is still unknown.