Noah Donohoe Sneaked Out Of House At 3AM On Day of Disappearance
Sunday 18th, June 2023
Ireland Report / Story
It's been revealed to the family of Noah Donohoe that Noah had snuck out of his house at 3.30am on the day he disappeared, returning awhile after without his family knowing.

Noah was caught on CCTV and the information was only revealed to the lawyers working for for Noah's mother, Fiona Donohoe, more than two years after her son's death which is still not explained.

Noah's mother Fiona said,
"In the week while Noah was missing, PSNI officers asked me 'if Noah could have snuck out' at any time from the apartments without my knowledge."

"I told them that there was one key, and all the doors are very squeaky, and I would not have thought it likely - but obviously I was wrong"

The CCTV footage shows that Noah left his house at approximately 3.30am on the day he disappeared and returned home approximately 35 minutes later soaking wet, at this stage there is no explanation as to where Noah was for those 35 minutes or who he might have talked to.
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