Spooked Ireland Review - Episode Six - Aillwee Caves, The Burren, County Clare
Thursday 7th, December 2023
Ireland Report / Story
The sixth episode in a ten episode series, Spooked Ireland visit's the Aillwee Caves in County Clare, with Spooked Ireland having taken over our Friday nights in the run up to one of the spookiest nights of the calendar year, what has Spooked Ireland been telling us about the other side of Ireland that most of us are used to hearing whispers of in stories.

We're going to approach the Spooked Ireland series from a purely fact based and reasonable assumption based on common knowledge and societal intelligence. Due to this approach it is hard to either prove or disprove any of the personal experiences that are presented in the Spooked Ireland series.

The sixth episode, aired on Friday 3rd of November 2023, the first Friday after the spookiest night of the year and is based at Aillwee Caves in County Clare.

The Spooked Ireland team consists of presenter Vogue Williams, spiritual medium Chris Fleming, technology guru Ryan O'Niell and consultant parapsychologist Dr. Evelyn Hollow.

Aillwee Caves are a cave system in the the Burren in County Clare, Ireland. The name Aillwee is derived from the Irish Aill Bhuí which means "yellow cliff".

The Spooked Ireland team led by Vogue Williams states their aim as,
Vogue Williams invites American medium Chris Fleming and his team to investigate a spike in paranormal activity across Ireland. With exclusive access, they uncover the mysteries, myths and murders behind some of Ireland's most haunted locations.

Embarking on an unprecedented paranormal investigation into Ireland's Aillwee Caves in County Clare, the Spooked Ireland team braced themselves for an otherworldly encounter. The landscape, known for its breathtaking beauty, is shrouded in local myths and legends, providing the perfect setting for ghostly exploration. The allure of the unknown and the reported encounters with supernatural beings set the stage for a spine chilling adventure.

The Build-Up:
The owner, Nuala Mulqueeney, whose family has owned the caves for generations, shared her experiences of strange noises and inexplicable occurrences. The background information on the cave's history and the local belief in fairies and mythological creatures added depth to the investigation. The anticipation grew as the team prepared to become the first paranormal group to explore the depths of Aillwee Cave.

The Investigation Begins:
Equipped with an array of paranormal detection tools, the team delved into the mysterious caves. However, the reliance on tools like the SLS Kinect camera and K2 meter quickly became a point of contention. The SLS camera, known for its unreliability and tendency to produce false positives, captured a figure resembling the feared Puca. It's also stated that the word Puca was captured on an audio recorder, but unfortunately after many of attempts to listen to the audio on the episode and using some methods to enhance the audio we have been unable to hear the word Puca. Maybe it doesn't come across on the epsiode's audio very well but it can't be confirmed or denied.

Encounters with Elementals:
As the investigation progressed, encounters with elemental beings seems to be reported. Strange animal noises and the team's sensitivity to the energy in the cave raised questions about the presence of these mythical creatures. However, the scepticism surrounding the SLS camera and the erratic readings from K2 meter add a layer of caution to anything of the data collected by the team.

Personal Experiences:
The personal experiences of the investigators, such as Chris feeling a touch and the unexplained fatigue among team members unfortunately take away from the episode as the fatigue and a number of the feelings expressed in the episode can be explained by being in a cave system. Yet, the doubts surrounding the reliability of the SLS camera and K2 meter linger, casting shadows on the veracity of the perceived interactions with supernatural entities.

Equipment Malfunctions:
The constant malfunctions of paranormal detection equipment, including the SLS Kinect camera and K2 meter, served as supposed evidence of supernatural interference. The simultaneous failures and anomalies created an eerie atmosphere, leaving the team on edge and reinforcing the idea that they were not alone in the cave. The team's struggle with technical difficulties underscored the challenges of relying on such tools in the quest for paranormal evidence. We have previously covered how cold can affect batteries in an article linked at the bottom of this article.

With the new laser grid being deployed for the first time and to much surprise of the team the laser dies, and comes back on, again this can be explained by how batteries work in cold environments, Evelyn even states that she had just checked the laser grid were we see her pick it up, unknown to here her hands would have warmed up the laser just by holding it which could allow the batteries to appear to come back to life.

The Beyond:
Venturing into the unexplored sections of the cave, referred to as "the beyond," added an extra layer of intensity.
The mention of a cold spot moving from the top right corner to the middle further fueled the belief that the Puca or other entities were present.

A few very important things to call out which occurred throughout this episode were reports of headaches, light headiness and dizziness. These are all symptoms that can be experienced in a cave system or similarly cramped or confined spaces. There are many reasons as to why these symptoms can occur a couple which we've outlined below which are most relevant to this episode:
Low Oxygen Levels: Caves may have lower levels of oxygen compared to the outside environment. Reduced oxygen levels can lead to headaches and other symptoms like dizziness or shortness of breath.

High Carbon Dioxide Levels: Caves can sometimes accumulate high levels of carbon dioxide, especially in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces. Elevated carbon dioxide levels can cause headaches and other respiratory issues.

Changes in Air Pressure: The atmospheric pressure inside a cave may differ from the pressure outside, especially in deep or complex cave systems. Sudden changes in air pressure can contribute to headaches.

Low Light Conditions: Poor lighting in caves can strain your eyes, leading to tension headaches. Additionally, the lack of natural light may disrupt your circadian rhythm, contributing to discomfort.

Psychological Factors: Being in an enclosed space or underground environment might trigger anxiety or claustrophobia in some individuals, leading to stress-induced headaches.

Additionally we need to call out the photo of the supposed Puca captured by the guys from Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSII), the image looks great but unfortunately might seem to less as amazing from when it was first seen. Images like the one sent onto Chris can be recreated by capturing a bird move into frame of camera while an image is being taken. Camera's aren't great at capturing moving objects so you will end of with a blurred image of an object that can be interpreted in whatever way the photographer might want.

It's a good image but we've not convinced but as always without further access to the raw image and details on the exact area the photo was taken we cann't confirm or deny what the object captured in the image was.

We also see two pieces of new equipment used in this episode, both laser grids, on a standard laser grid and the second which looks like the GS2 Laser Grid System from GhostStop.com, we will have to add this laser grid device for a future deep dive into it, more to come on the GS2.

The investigation into Aillwee Cave provided a captivating blend of folklore, personal experiences, and unexplained phenomena. The team's encounters with supposed elementals, equipment malfunctions, and the eerie atmosphere in the beyond showcased the potential existence of supernatural entities based on what the team reported. However, the unreliable nature of tools like the SLS Kinect camera and K2 meter left much room for scepticism, reminding viewers of the challenges inherent in navigating the fine line between scientific investigation and paranormal exploration. Aillwee Cave stands as a testament to the mysterious forces that linger in the ancient corners of our world, even as the reliability of certain paranormal detection tools remains an ongoing debate within the field.
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