Stanford Top Scientist Claims ‘100%’ Aliens Are On Earth
 Alien Life & UFO/UAPs
Saturday 20th, May 2023
What is the probability that the extraterrestrial intelligence has visited Earth? 100%. That’s what the renowned Stanford Professor Gary Nolan claimed in an interview with Alex Klokus during the SALT New York Conference. Dr. Nolan is known for his bold statements on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) and has been sharing breathtaking information on the subject.

Dr. Nolan has given the most controversial interview of the decade. A person whose credibility cannot be questioned says that ETs have been here for a long time and that they are still on Earth. He further said: “…People talk about the wow signal, looking for extraterrestrial intelligence. Wow! Signal is that people see it on an almost regular basis. That’s the communication that’s already here.”

Dr. Nolan, an immunologist at Stanford has published over 300 research articles and is the holder of 40 US patents. Besides, he has been honored as one of the top 25 inventors at Stanford University. So, his involvement in UFOlogy would bring some factful things to the field.

Klokus asked him: “If you had to assign a probability to that statement that you believe extraterrestrial intelligence has visited this planet, what probability would you assign?” Dr. Nolan replied without hesitation: “One hundred percent.”

He points out that the National Defense Appropriation Act passed last year included the establishment of an unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Office (AARO). This office, currently staffed by 25 people, aims to collect information from various intelligence offices within the US Department of Defense and present it to Congress in a uniform format for the first time.

Additionally, he mentions that 12 US Senators have signed a document expressing their desire for information on this topic. Dr. Nolan highlights the creation of a whistleblowers’ program that allows individuals involved in reverse engineering programs to share classified information with Congress. He also refers to a recent event that caused controversy in Washington, further suggesting ongoing interest and investigation into the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence on Earth.

He suggests that what is crashing are likely drones or advanced AI rather than living beings. “An analogy can be drawn to studying a tribe of cannibals in the Amazon. Would you personally venture into the tribe and risk becoming their meal?” says Dr. Nolan. He points out that we already deal with alien intelligence in our technology, such as emails and AI systems like ChatGPT, and wonders how one would have a dialogue with a million-year advanced intelligence.

Dr. Nolan said: “I think it is an advanced form of intelligence, something that we don’t understand, that is using some kind of intermediaries. You’re not going to end up in the middle of the tribe, the angry monkeys that are flinging muck at each other or nuclear bombs. You’re not going to show yourself in the middle of the ambulance. You’re going to send intermediaries.”

During his interview with Tucker Carlson, Dr. Nolan said “Grey entities” are perhaps intermediaries but not actually living creatures from another planet. He gained information from the inside intelligent community that “most of what we think we’re seeing are avatars, biological robots that are basically put there to be the minions, if you will.”

He further stated: “It is a hypothesis to me. If I were going to another place, or if I were going to study a native tribe of, let’s say, cannibals, maybe I wouldn’t show up in the middle of their village so that I don’t inadvertently become dinner.

Right, so you would send an intermediary first. But I’ve used this example […] of the ants as well, let’s say that there were a race of intelligent ants at the bottom of your garden. How do you tell them about Instagram? Right, how do you talk with them? How do you interact with them? You would probably make something that looked almost like an ant, and you’d put it down there.

But then how are you going to interact with them? Well, with pheromones, that’s how they talk. But you do something else. Right, you’re speaking about whatever it is you talk about at the dinner table. But to translate down to their terms, you would have to use some sort of an intermediary.”

The example of humans using intermediaries to communicate with ants that Dr. Nolan mentions is a common one among planetary species. In abduction cases, there are reports of a “praying mantis-like” being leading the hierarchy, who just observes procedures from a distance without communicating with humans.

Additionally, during his 90-minute interview with Chrissy Newton, Dr. Nolan shared his personal alien-UFO encounter at an early age. He recounts three separate instances of unexplained encounters he experienced during his life.

It includes seeing multiple small figures (Grey-looking) in a room and faces in the window at his childhood home, a silent object with bright lights hovering over trees during his paperboy route, and recognizing a face from a UFO encounter while browsing books in a used bookstore. He was initially scared in the first instance and felt an eerie connection with the third experience.

Further in the interview with Alex Klokus, Dr. Nolan discussed the downed craft and alleged material that he has been testing that perhaps is being used for the reverse-engineering program. He suggests that the discovery of the potential of a small grain of silicon, specifically Germanium doped with the right elements, in the 1950s or 1960s had a profound impact on our culture and world. This led to the development of multiple advanced sensor systems that tracked UFOs that can travel from 50 feet above the water to 14 miles in less than a second.

When asked if physical material for analysis exists, Dr. Nolan confirms its presence and shares an incident where he almost gained access to one of these objects before it was taken away by those who opposed it.

While the US government does not explicitly confirm the presence of extraterrestrial life, their careful statements imply that these objects possess capabilities beyond what is known and are not of Russian or Chinese origin, says Dr. Nolan. The physics behind such high-speed maneuvers challenges our current understanding.

He mentions the USS Nimitz incident in 2004, where multiple sensor systems tracked objects displaying extraordinary maneuvers. He believes that such phenomena require a rethinking of our understanding of physics.

Dr. Nolan mentions conversations with physicists from defense corporations who propose tweaks to general relativity to explain the observed phenomena. However, he acknowledges that the energy required for such maneuvers exceeds the planet’s entire nuclear output in a day. Obtaining even a fraction of the knowledge from these advanced objects could revolutionize our understanding and capabilities.

In regard to his interview at SALT New York Conference, he posted a comment on Reddit, saying
“I guess I am surprised anything I said is surprising to anyone. People have been talking about the entire matter for decades. Ross Coulthart and George Knapp have been talking about it on their shows as well as many others. Richard Dolan has written entire books about it. Conferences are held on it at UAP dedicated conferences.

It was probably news to many in the audience if they’ve ignored it on Netflix documentaries or otherwise not part of the echo chamber. We’ll have to see if Congress decides to bring more information forward or context things in a way that is significant. I personally doubt that if any public scientist gets access to the materials it will see the light of day before much study and MAYBE a publication indirectly referencing it. I’d like to hope and advocate otherwise. In the meantime, Avi Loeb’s Galileo project is a best of class approach.”
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