Irish Navy Demo New Anti Drug Smuggling Drones At NATO Gathering In Cork
Thursday 18th, May 2023
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As NATO's maritime military meet in Cork, Ireland to discuss maritime security issues, the Irish Navy have taking the opportunity to show of their new anti drug smuggling drones.

The ScanEagle drone is a new addition to the Irish's Navy's capability to stop drug smuggling in Irish controlled waters.

The Guard Project is an innovative new operation that aims to tackle drug smuggling on Irish coastlines using autonomous drones. These small, unmanned systems will be able to operate in rough maritime conditions and provide widespread surveillance in Irish waters.

Ireland has more than 3,100 kilometres of coastline and a maritime area ten times the size of our landmass. Ireland is an extremely soft target for drug smugglers, with less than 10% of all trafficked narcotics being seized.

The Guard Project states that it's purpose is,
DTIF GUARD will enable 3 Irish SMEs to develop world-leading smart drone technology, in a market expected to grow to $45bn by 2025. The new capability will be demonstrated with the Irish Navy for drug interdiction. Technology is broadly applicable to many other applications. GUARD will advance drone capability, autonomous operation & communications far beyond the state-of-the-art. GUARD will enable the SMEs to significantly scale up their operations and aims to create 500 jobs in Ireland and make Ireland a leader in autonomous drones. Enabling the Irish Navy to efficiently survey large areas of the coastline.

With The Guard Project's goals being:
  • Enabling the Irish Navy to efficiently survey large areas of the coastline.
  • Enabling A-techSYN a shift from calm weather flights with manual planning to fully autonomous operation is harsh sea conditions.
  • Enabling VRAI to remove humans from exposure to risk using robotics and human-in-the loop high value decision making through telepresence & ML.
  • Enabling WAZP to 3D print highly accurate RF structures combining different materials, broadly applicable to drone communications, 5G and 6G.
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