What If We're The Ghosts...?
Thursday 11th, May 2023
InternationalIreland Report / Story
What if all we think we know about ghosts and hauntings was so far from the truth that we're just making it all up to fit a narrative that we either want to be true or genuinely believe to be true.

Ok, so stick with us on this, let set out a common situation on a ghost investigation night at a castle that is supposedly haunted.

In the dark a groups of individuals walk around the castle and look in all the cracks and crevices to either capture something visual themselves or on video camera, audio recorder or some other means.

After spending a hour or two walking around the castle with general chit-chat and banter the group gathers in a room and start an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session.

During the session a number of questions are asked and a bit of time after each question the recorded audio is listened back to and boom someone hers something that sound like 'LEAVE' or 'GET OUT'.

Now lets take a step back from the whole investigation.

We as humans assume we're living in the here and now and that we understand the world we live in. Lets try and look at the situation from the 'ghosts' point of view and what would it look like for the 'ghost' if it were the 'person' in this situation.

The 'ghost' is a 'person' living in a castle without a care in the world until one late night a group of unknown entities start walking around the castle, the 'ghost' can hear footsteps and floorboards creaking, circular lights (torches) and can see doors opening and closing and is just terrified at what is being witnessed.

Then these unknown entities start asking questions and the 'ghost' in terror replies 'GET OUT' or 'LEAVE'.

It's very easy to see a situation from a single point of view when that is the point of view that you go into a supposedly haunted location with and know all the history and then it's even easier to join any recorded activity to what you've learned of the history of the place.

Just because the majority of people believe that all ghosts are the remnants of people unable to cross over in the almost religious way that all religions talk about the afterlife doesn't necessarily mean that's what a ghost is.

It needs to be kept in the back of anyone's mind that ventures into a supposedly haunted location,
are we people chasing ghosts or are we the ghosts chasing people?!
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