Six Killed By 'Killer' Bees After Bus Crashes
Wednesday 10th, May 2023
Six people have been killed by bees after the bus they were travelling on crashed into an area where beehives were located.

The bus was carrying approximately 60 passengers at the time of the crash, making it's way from Jinotega to San Sebastian de Yali.

45 passengers that crawled out of the bus after the crash were stung multiple times by the bees.

Locals are reported to have helped people involved in the crash and its been reported that many of the bus passengers had 'hundreds' of red welts on their bodies from the bee stings.

Initially four people were reported to have died but two further passed away after being brought to hospital.

The youngest to have died was an eight year old girl.

Known as 'killer' bees, the Africanized killer bee is a dangerous stinging insect, they have been known to chase people for more than a quarter of a mile once they get excited and aggressive.
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