British UFO 'Hotspot' Had 42 Sightings in 12 Months
 Alien & UFOs
Monday 27th, March 2023
Research group UFO Identified compiled data on sightings from Freedom of Information requests along with national and local media reports.

The data collected by UFO Identified was analysed by BounsInsider to find some interesting trends.

BounsInsider said,
According to the data for 2022, the most commonly reported UFO was 'star-like', as described in 126 reports. Other common shapes were 'orb' (80 reports), 'circular' (55 reports), 'cylinder' (52 reports), 'sphere' (42 reports), and 'triangle' (35 reports)."

"Saucers or 'discs', as they are classified in the UFO Identified document, were spotted in 34 reports."

Based on the data used it was seen that the South East of England had the highest number of sightings with 75 reported sightings last year. Greater Manchester had 26 reports and Greater London had 20 reports.