Aliens Communicate With Us Through Bowls Of The Earth Says Russian Scientists
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Friday 24th, March 2023
Russian scientists are claiming to have discovered and decoded a message from the constellation Canis Major, according to reports.

Head of research, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Nina Sokulina said,
"It is naive to expect radio broadcasts from brothers in mind: civilizations that are far ahead of us in development, probably own some other means of communication - more advanced than electromagnetic ones,"

"Aliens somehow affect our bowels,"

"Influence so that they become the carrier of the transferred information. We discovered it in the anomalous zone in Western Siberia - in the area of ​​the village of Okunevo, Omsk Region, located between the Irtysh and Tara river,"

The Okunevskaya anomalous zone for a long time demonstrated various phenomena like flashes, vertical columns of light and bright spots on the grass similar to huge sunbeams. People often saw orbs there and objects that looked like large fireballs.

The geophysicists at a company called "Geostroykom" with the help of modern research equipment made sure that the anomalous phenomena in the zone was due to the bizarre electromagnetic radiation emanating from it and that it was noticeably different from the natural background.

Attention was drawn to the results of magnetic intensity measurements, the values ​​of the vertical component (Hz) of the electromagnetic field, isolated from the general array demonstrated a clear orderliness which was completely uncharacteristic of natural processes.

In a certain range, they were modulated in amplitude. The researchers identified peaks, these peaks alternated according to the frequency of occurrence in the words and phrases of the Russian language of certain letters, vowels and consonants.

There was a text written in Russian but in the form of magnetic field values. There is reported to be 738 letters in the text.

Sokulina and her colleagues explain in detail in a prepared report called "The first instrumental signal from an extraterrestrial civilization" as to what methods they used, selecting specific letters based on a statistical analysis of various literary texts.

According to Russian scientists the message of aliens in Russian contains a proposal for cooperation but without harm to other countries, says Nina Vladimirovna. It's report that it was figured out where the information came from but only the very beginning was accurately deciphered.
"Earthlings, we're sending a signal. We are the star of the Canis Major of the bright star system…" (translation from Russian may be incorrect.)

So far, only the beginning has been deciphered by scientists. According to the codebreakers the words “star of the Canis Major system of the bright star” point to Sirius.

But Sirius is by no means a lonely star, but a system of two stars, Sirus A and Sirus B. One of which is a white dwarf and both no more than 300 million years old.

According to some astronomical observations and calculations there is a third star in the Sirius system, a red dwarf , which is not visible from Earth. Very old and very dim but still able to play the role of a luminary for the planet of the authors of the message.

The Russian media report that it has not yet been possible to fully understand the meaning of this message but the best efforts of many specialists are currently being directed at unraveling this riddle.
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