29 Dead Sheep In India, Some Locals Suspect The Infamous Chupacabra
Monday 20th, March 2023
Farmers in India are concerned with the recent killings of 29 sheep in the rural community of Gunadola.

There 20 sheep discovered dead in what has been described as a predatory attack with the animals having had their intestines "ripped apart". The following day an additional 9 sheep were found with the same faith.

Local residents are very concerned due to the fact that no one has heard any sounds coming from the enclosure where the sheep with and were killed, it's been reported that the only sign of a predatory was a "black shadow" which a farmer of the second incident was reported to have seen.

Another strange aspect surrounding the 29 sheep being killed was that all the sheep were left behind, none where taken away which some would expect if it was an animal hunting to feed.

Authorities have been investigating the incident but as of yet have been unable to identify who or what is behind the deaths.

These 29 sheep deaths follow on from what some believe a larger mystery which spans a number of years where up to 150 animals have been killed. Some believe that it's a case of normal predatory behavior or a big cat or hyena while others believe the deaths are the work of the infamous chupacabra.