Jervis Street Hospital - Haunted Hospital #2
Wednesday 29th, September 2021
Today most people know Jervis street as the location of the iconic shopping centre with it's fashion retailers and food court to name a few occupants. But not many people are aware of the site's history and some people report that some of the occupants of the previous Jervis Street hospital that stood on the site where Jervis shopping centre now sits, well these previous occupants might still be walking the floors of the shopping centre to this day.

Jervis Street hospital closed in 1987 and then the old hospital went on to be redeveloped in the early 1990's into the shopping centre that stands today, Jervis Street shopping centre opened in 1996. With the redevelopment the old facade of the old hospital was retained with some of it dating back to the 1800's and it still stands today.

Over the years there have been a few different stories about ghostly goings ons in the shopping centre by staff that work there.

When Today FM had their offices beside the Jervis Street building where a member of staff had an experience, depending on the source the event has two different formats. The office that Today FM was a nurses house.

The first goes that the staff member of the radio station reported a lullaby being sung by somebody but as they approached where the sound was coming from the lullaby would stop, follow this when the staff member returned to their desk the singing would start up again.

The second telling of the encounter goes along the lines of a journalist working in the offices one night witnessing a ghostly figure of a woman walk up a set of stairs. The staff member would only talk of the ghostly apparition after another incident in the office the staff member heard a women singing a lullaby and they assumed it was a radio so they went over to the radio to turn it off to find the radio was not on and at that moment the lullaby stopped, but upon returning to their desk the singing started up again.

After these experiences the staff member talked to other staff of the radio station to see if anyone had experienced anything and they had, there were reports of a grey figure passing through a solid wall, another person heard coughing while alone in the studio and another incident was said to have occured where a chair moved on its own accord.

It is supposedly widely known among some staff at Jervis Street shopping centre, the story of a night nurse dressed in a long grey dress with a nurse's hat that is supposed to haunt the old children's ward due to a child that passed one night she was working and the spirit of the nurse continued to visit the children's ward to look over all the children.

Other experiences have been reported by staff and visitors to the shopping centre or cold spots and disembodied voices being heard, as well as electronic toys starting up when no one is around the toys.

Further experiences have been reported of children's singing which seemed to come from an empty or unused stock room. Another employee is reported to have experienced a "horrible" feeling of not being alone and when they walked up a stairs they witnessed a figure standing beside a trolley.

There have been many other reports over the years with babies cries being heard and startling staff to, to an apparition that is talking with no words coming out of her mouth and then vanishing in front of the witness.
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