Paranormal Night At Charleville Castle, Saturday 18th March 2023
Tuesday 28th, February 2023
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Offaly Enchanting Tours are holding a Paranormal Night at Charleville Castle on Saturday the 18th of March 2023 from 9pm till 2am.

Charleville Castle is an amazing venue and has a great history but it can get very cold on the upper floors so wear warm clothing if you decide to attend, the price is currently €50 per person according to the event page.

From the event page promoting the night:

Charleville Forest Castle was created from paper doodles in 1798 and took fourteen years to build. The castle was built by the 1st Earl of Charleville, Charles William Bury and renowned architect of the time, Francis Johnston. In the world of architecture, it is said to be "Johnston's Masterpiece" and is the finest example of gothic revival architecture in the country.

Over the years many film and TV programme productions have been filmed on site including: Becoming Jane (Anne Hathaway), Northanger Abbey (Billy Piper), Netflix series Reign, Netflix films Extra Ordinary and The Knight Before Christmas to mention just a few. It has also become a world renowned site of hauntings and has been visited and investigated by many paranormal teams from across the globe including Ghost Hunters International, the UK's Most Haunted team and Scariest Places on Earth with Linda Blair (the child from the Exorcist films). We have many stories of unusual happenings when these programmes were being filmed but we'll save that for the night of the event.

Apparitions, disembodied voices and laughter, footsteps, children running and playing are just some of the supernatural goings on that visitors have experienced when in the castle and we're inviting you to have your own experiences.

Join us for an evening communicating with spirit in one of the most haunted buildings in Europe. Combine history, humour and a few hair-raising tales into a fun evening. Be guided how to use your own abilities to communicate with the resident spirit of the castle using tools such as glass divination, dowsing along with new interactive activities we have added to our events.

This event has plenty to offer anyone with an interest in the paranormal or anyone just curious to see if there really is anything "on the other side" and is a great alternative to a night out.

Price includes tea, coffee, biscuits.

This is a strictly over 18's event and there is also a strict no alcohol policy at the event.

For more information and to buy tickets the link can be found below to the event page. has no involvement in any way with this event.
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