Shadow Whispers In The Night - Open Paranormal Discussion - 24th February 2023
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Monday 27th, February 2023
Ireland Report / Story
The latest show from Shadow Whispers in the Night hosted by Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi. Joined by Tracey from Afterlife Research Team, Jeff from Crossover Research, Byran from Global Ghost Hunt and Huntaphobia Canada and Rigg from Scotland Paranormal Investigation Group with an open floor to chat about new experiments, the do's and dont's of the paranormal investigation, and equipment.

The discussion starts with some chat around respecting the locations investigators visit as in a lot of cases it's hard or even rare to be able to get access to some of the amazing locations that investigators get to go to.

The topic turns a bit more serious with the discussion turning to an unfortunate aspect of any community, it's not specific to the paranormal, rivalries among people on the same team or group or between different teams or groups.

Different technology that should or shouldn't be used on a paranormal investigation and some of the best equipment that should be used is also discussed.

There are many more different topics discussed, check out the video yourself above or in the links below.
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