Gardaí Keeping A "Watching Brief" On Tommy Robinson In Dublin
Thursday 16th, February 2023
Ireland Report / Story
Gardaí have said they are keeping a "watching brief" on the presence of Tommy Robinson (real name, Stephen Yaxley Lennon) in Dublin. Robinson is a prominent far-right figurehead in the United Kingdom.

Robinson said recently that he was drawn to Ireland by the anti-immigration protests and praised the organisers of these protests.

It's believed that Robinson arrived in Dublin on Wednesday the 15th of February 2023.

In a message on his Telegram page, Robinson said that he is here to "ask questions and put together a piece, to show what's happening".

He also denied he was invited here and that he travelled to Dublin as a journalist to "go where the news is".

Gardaí are concerned that with the presence of a high profile campaigner like Robinson that tensions could become inflamed.

Gardaí are also aware of an image of Robinson posing with a convicted criminal from the Ballyfermot area believed to be taken following his arrival here.

One source said,
"The individual hasn’t come to adverse garda attention recently, but is believed to be involved at a local level in voicing anti-immigration concerns. As for Robinson, gardaí will be keeping a watching brief on him if he shows up at any protests."

Far-right campaigner, Dee Wall, who has also been heavily involved in anti-vaccination demonstrations, said this week that she would give Robinson "100 blessings to come here".

A founder of the English Defence League, an Islamophobic organisation, he has been banned from most major social media platforms but has over 150,000 subscribers on his Telegram account.

The site has been used to announce his presence in Dublin, but also to share anti-immigration and anti-vaccine stories.
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