Security Concerns Raised Over Use Of Chinese Made CCTV Camera's At Irish Government Buildings
Monday 13th, February 2023
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Concerns have been raised by a Green Party TD that CCTV camera's used in government buildings could warrant a security concern due to the company that produces the camera's being partially owned by the Chinese government.

The camera's in question, Hikvision, are widely used around the world and in this case the concern has been raised around Leinster house on Kildare street.

The issue has been raised by Partick Costello as he wrote to Ceann Comhairle Sean O Fearghail and the House of the Oireachtas Commission asking them to "review the use of Hikvision cameras".

In the letter, Mr Costello wrote,

Hikvision is part-owned by the Chinese State-owned company. There have been allegations of links to the Chinese military.

Do bear in mind that mobile phones are now not allowed into Cabinet meetings due to concerns around security and electronic spying, showing these are realistic and meaningful threats. At the very least, I would ask the [Oireachtas] Commission to review the security risks of these cameras and seek further information from others who have removed them from Government buildings due to security concerns.

At the very least we need to review the risks and talk to these other countries about what they know about this company. The letter I have sent to [the] Oireachtas Commission will be considered at their next meeting on February 27.

I trust they will give this issue the serious consideration that other countries have and that this issue deserves.
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