Mystery As Statue Of The Virgin Mary Disappears From Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Friday 10th, February 2023
Ireland Report / Story
A statue of the Virgin Mary has vanished from Our Lady of Lourdes grotto in the Wicklow town of Kilmacanogue.

It was noticed on Monday 6th of February that the statue was missing.

The statue which stands at approximately five feet in height and is the center piece of the Our Lady of Lourdes grotto.

Curate of Kilmacanogue Fr Hyacinth Nwakuna said,

I went down to the grotto and saw it for myself. It’s gone. I am very surprised and I cannot comprehend it,

I don’t know who would take it. It’s just absolutely shocking. We are hoping we get it back in one piece,

And we would appeal to whoever took it to bring it back,

Do the right thing and bring it back.

Everyone here is surprised and shocked too.

Local resident, Eileen O'Sullivan said,
It’s really extraordinary,

The grotto is on a very steep incline so whoever took the statue possibly dragged it down the hill intact. There appears to be a track way where the statue was dragged down.

It wasn’t taken away to be cleaned or anything and no-one knows what happened. And I don’t know how whoever took it will be able to hide it as it’s over five feet in height.

The statue of St Bernadette in the grotto was untouched and she is now staring up at an empty pedestal.

I am sorry to see that it’s gone as it was part of the parish heritage and the grotto is very spiritual to a lot of parishioners,
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