Dead Woman Found Breathing In Funeral Home
Wednesday 8th, February 2023
A woman that was declared dead at a New York care centre was found breathing at an Ankeny Funeral Home and Crematory.

An investigation has been launched after an 82 year old woman was pronounced dead at a New York nursing home to only be found breathing three hours later at a funeral home.

The woman was a patient at Water's Edge Rehab and Nursing Centre at Port Jefferson on Long Island.

She was reported dead at approximately 11:15am on Saturday the 4th of February 2023.

Suffolk County police have said that the woman was taken to the OB Davis Funeral Homes in Miller Place at 1:30pm and was discovered breathing at 2:09pm.

At this point the woman was taken to hospital, no update has been provided on her status since.

The state attorney general and health department are investigating.