Missing: Nicola Bulley - 27th January 2023
Wednesday 1st, February 2023
Nicola Bulley went missing on the 27th of January while out walking her dog after dropping her two daughters off to school, the case has sparked a lot of interest due to Nicola vanishing without a trace and Police still unable to say what happened to her.

Nicola's phone and the dog lead were found on a bench on the route where she was walking and Nicola's dog was found later by another person out walking in the area.

The police's main theory at present is that Nicola might have slipped at the edge of the river and fallen in, this theory doesn't sit well with a lot of people as the police have confirmed that they have been unable to find an sign of a slip at the waters edge.

Additionally a detailed search using sonar has been conducted on the river and has found nothing, the search of the river had moved out to the mouth of the river on the coast but still no trace has been found of Nicola.

More recently a report by a witness states that the day before Nicola went missing, the witness reportedly saw two men acting suspiciously near the area that Nicola regularly walked her dog.

The witness also stated that the "hooded" men were "carrying fishing rods" and "were trying to hide their faces".

The witness went on to say "It was very strange. It made me uneasy"

The two men were spotted at approximately 7.45am on the day before Nicola went missing. The witness said "they could just have been two normal fishermen" but "they seemed to want to hide their faces, which struck me as odd".
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