Couple Report Seeing 'Men in Black' Following UFO Sighting
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Wednesday 18th, January 2023
A couple from Massachusetts in the United States have reported that they were visited by the 'Men in Black' following a strange UFO encounter.

The couple reports that after the UFO encounter they were back inside their house, the boyfriend wanted to go out for another cigarette, this was about 45 minutes after the encounter, so couple went back outside.

Approximately two minutes after the going outside again they notice a "a black sedan SUV pulled up across the street", a man reportedly dressed in black got out of the SUV and opened the trunk and than proceeded to turn and stare at the couple.

The couple were unable to make out features of the man's face, but that was only the start, within a few more minutes the boyfriend noticed two other men in black standing at the end of the street, one house down from where the couple's house is.

These two men, as the couple described,

wearing all black attire, and couldn't see their faces or even their skin color despite being only one house down from where they were standing. They were all blurred out and did not have distinct facial features.

At this stage all three men dressed in black were just staring at the couple. The woman reportedly said she was, "very fearful" with an "ominous impression".

At this stage the woman grabbed her boyfriends hand and pulled him back into the house. The woman is reported to have said that it was one of the scariest things in her life and she was unable to turn off the lights that night and doesn't feel safe alone in her house anymore.

The UFO that the couple witnessed was reported to have been a bright orb light light that appeared approximately the size of a street light, at least from the perspective of the couple on the ground. The could stated that the light was so bright that it lit up their faces as the object moved upwards in the sky away from the couple before disappearing completely.
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