Covid-19 'Kraken' Variant Confirmed In Ireland
Tuesday 10th, January 2023
Ireland Report / Story
The most contagious Covid-19 variant yet, 'Kraken' has been confirmed in Ireland.

Variant XBB.1.5, also known as 'Kraken' has been deemed "concerning" by health officals.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) says that there have been less than 5 cases of the 'Kraken' variant confirmed in Ireland so far.

With this new variant, there is a higher transmission rate estimated to be approximately 113% higher than other Covid-19 variants found in Europe.

One of the concerns is not so much about more infections causing more fatalities but more a case of more infections meaning a higher percentage that could present to GPs or hospitals.

Currently most if not all hospitals in Ireland are battling a triple hit of Flu, RSV and Covid-19 infections, anything to increase the number of people attending hospital could bring the health system to it's knees.

According to experts, the 'Kraken' mutation, which is a sub-variant of Omicron, allows it to replicate more easily after attaching to cells. Although it is expected to spread quickly worldwide it is not considered a new crisis in the three year Covid-19 pandemic.

Symptoms caused by 'Kraken' are said to be similar to those caused by Omicron. It has now been detected in at least 30 countries so far.
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