NYPD Officer Looks To Cork, Ireland To Solve 14 Year Old Christmas Card Mystery
Friday 30th, December 2022
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A New York Police detective is looking to Cork, Ireland to try and solve a mystery where the office has been receiving Christmas cards from a family in Cork for the past 14 years.

Back in 2008, an Irish mother and her two daughters had their luggage lost or stolen in New York City when Detective James Gherardi of the NYPD stepped in to help. The kind-hearted officer helped the women sort their business and pointed them in the direction of the Irish consulate.

Every year since then an envelope has arrived in the NYPD precinct postbox addressed to Detective Gherardi - a Christmas card thanking the officer for his kindness. For years the detective wanted to write back, but he only knew the women by their first names - Mary, Kate and Claire.

However, this year Mr Gherardi came across a clue - a small stamp indicating the parcel had been sent from Portlaoise Mail Center, so he reached out to John Hayes, editor of the Laois People to try and track the women down.

In his correspondence, the detective included photos of both the envelope and the front of the card which read 'Merry Christmas from Macroom' - and so we found the second clue in this ongoing investigation.

Detective Gherardi said: "I will do my best to keep this short and sweet.

"In 2008 while working I had helped 3 women named Mary, Kate and Claire with some lost/stolen luggage. The group was a mother and 2 daughters. As well I was able to guide them to the Irish consulate here in NYC."

"Every year since I have received a Christmas card to my precinct from them."

"Problem is that there is no return address or any way to contact them back. This year finally on the envelope was a stamp showing the Portlaoise Mails Center."

"I am attempting to reach out to different groups in an effort to locate them so I can try to correspond back with them after all these years. Sadly I have no last name or any further identifying information."

Here's what is known so far.

  • The group consists of three women named Mary, Kate and Claire.
  • It was a mother and her two daughters
  • They went to New York City sometime in 2008
  • The card indicates they're from around the Macroom area
  • They're very diligent with their Christmas cards every year

If you think you might know where the Christmas cards are originating, let the individuals know to contact detective Gherardi.
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