Who are the Fae?
Wednesday 18th, August 2021
Fairies, also known as Fae or Fae are mythical creatures or beings that are found in European folklore. The Fae are said to be small with wings and on some occasions are said to be seen surrounded by light in the modern day depiction.

The Fae originally were thought of as mischievous entities or for their malice intent and were depicted as entities that would steal a baby and substitute for a changeling, this idea of fairies has changed over the years to the now bright coloured, winged fairy that is kind and nice to all unless harm is intended against the Fae.

Throughout folklore fairies have been depicted as being very small to the size of an average human depending on what stories you read or tales you hear. It's been said that fairies can't lie and that they also dislike the words 'thank you' being said to them as the Fae see 'thank you' as a sign of forgetting the good deed done and moving on when in fact the Fae want an acknowledgement that the deed done would be remembered and not forgotten.

The Fae are also described as a hidden species in some folklore, they like being left to their own devices and only are seen when they intend to be seen. When disturbed though there are stories to be careful as the Fae can be tricksters and fool you into agreeing to something you wouldn't usually agree to. The Fae are said to be very crafty when they want to be.

In Ireland the Fae and the very common Hawthorn tree which can be found across Ireland have a very close relationship and this can be found in the reluctance of many Irish not wanting to disturb a Hawthorn tree for fear of bad luck falling on them or their family.

As part of this belief is what's known as a 'Rag Tree' which is where people would hang colourful rags on a hawthorn tree to gain food fortune or to help a sick relative to feel well again.

As you travel throughout Ireland you may also come across Fairy Forts or Ring Forts which are circles or large rocks that to this day are not fully understood by archaeologists but locals have decided that these are locations where the Fae lived at one time or possibly still do.
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