Shadow Whispers In The Night - Karin Beasant - 5th November 2022
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Sunday 6th, November 2022
Irish Report / Story
The latest show from Shadow Whispers in the Night hosted by Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi. Karin Beasant, founder of South Bristol Paranormal discuss starting out on paranormal investigation and what they have found along the way so far.

Karin Beasant talks about the 30 years of being involved in the world of the paranormal from when being a young single woman renting on her own to incidents that her husband experienced.

The discussion natural follows onto dowsing rods and pendulums and the different experiences had.

About a quarter of the way into the discussion, Caroline McKendrick joined in to talk about some experiments she has done and the outcomes.

There is lots more so have a listen, full show linked below.