Stag Has Head Cut Off On Side Of Road After Traffic Accident
Thursday 17th, November 2022
Ireland Report / Story
A stag that was killed in a traffic accident had it's head cut off and the body left on the side of the Raphoe Road near Castlefinn, County Donegal.

The stag's death comes amidst concerns of increasing numbers of deer straying onto Donegal's roads causing accidents with motorists.

A couple of hours after the stag was killed on the Raphoe road, it had its head cut off by a member of the public.

A man who took the picture of the dead animal said he was shocked to return to find it had been butchered.

"It was a bit of a shock. I realise well that it was dead but it still looked like a beautiful creature."

"But when I returned a short time later to find its head had been cut off most likely to be put on someone's wall was very shocking," he said.
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