Are We Being Told All The Facts About The Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage?
Wednesday 19th, October 2022
There have been many different accusations made as to who would benefit most from Nord Stream pipelines no longer being viable and the different motives or lack of motives that exist for the main players in when it comes to the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage.

FAIR, a media watchdog group, challenging corporate media bias, spin and misinformation have a very nice article that looks into the possible motives for who could have been behind the Nord Stream pipeline damage.

Straight out of the cages the finger is pointed at Russia by mainstream media, "The explosions triggered a lopsided "whodunnit" in US media, with commentators almost universally fingering Russia as the culprit, despite the lack of a plausible motive."

FAIR goes on to state that it's an open secret that the US has no fond feelings for the Nord Stream pipelines and wouldn't shed a tear if they were to be retired by Europe, "Official US opposition to the pipeline has been well-established over the years, giving Washington ample motive to destroy the pipelines, but most newsrooms uniformly suppressed this history, and attacked those who raised it."

This fact about the US's lack of support for the pipelines is either forgotten by mainstream media or conveniently stepped over on the way to find Russia on a map.

The US's long held opposition to the pipeline should be brought up on mainstream media to allow an honest and open discussion in relation to any topic, "Any serious coverage of the Nord Stream attack should acknowledge that opposition to the pipeline has been a centerpiece of the US grand strategy in Europe."

"The long-term goal has been to keep Russia isolated and disjointed from Europe, and to keep the countries of Europe tied to US markets. Ever since German and Russian energy companies signed a deal to begin development on Nord Stream 2, the entire machinery of Washington has been working overtime to scuttle it."

Additionally to think, as some have suggested online that only Russia have the capabilities to have caused the damage to the Nord Stream pipelines is absurd with most militarily developed countries having the capabilities to cause the damage seen on the pipelines, "The idea that only Russia had the means and motivation is clearly false on both counts."

"'s patently absurd to suggest that the US doesn't have the capability to lay explosives in 200 feet of water."

The RAND report which was a Pentagon funded study in 2019 by the RAND corporation on how to best "Russia's economic, political and military vulnerabilities and anxieties" said, "providing more US military equipment and advice" to Ukraine in order to "lead Russia to increase its direct involvement in the conflict and the price it pays for it," even though the report acknowledged that "Russia might respond by mounting a new offensive and seizing more Ukrainian territory."

Furthermore the Obama administration opposed the pipelines and even under Trump the US put sanctions on any company doing work on the pipeline, this didn't go down well in Germany as it was seen as the US trying to "meddle with European markets".

And then as Biden walked into the top job in the US he continued on the opposition to the pipelines, "President Joe Biden made opposition to the pipeline one of his administration's top priorities."

And if there was ever any doubt on the US's feelings or opinion on the Nord Stream pipelines in 2021 hearings in the US, Anthony Blinken told Congress he was "determined to do whatever I can to prevent" Nord Stream 2 from being completed. Months later, the State Department reiterated that "any entity involved in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline risks US sanctions and should immediately abandon work on the pipeline."

There has been some row back on the sanctions by the US after discussions with Germany, as reported by the New York Times in July 2021, stating that the US and Germany still had "profound disagreements" about the pipelines.

Even with all the above, it's not to say that Russia wasn't to blame or any number of other capable nations but just that there is more to any story you read on the mainstream media so don't assume you're getting all the facts from you're preferred mainstream media source.
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This article is republished from FAIR under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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