Shadow Whispers In The Night - Steve Parsons - 17th September 2022
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Sunday 18th, September 2022
Ireland Report / Story
In the latest episode from Shadow Whispers in the Night which is hosted by Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi and is joined by Robyn Ramsey while discussing all things paranormal with Steve Parsons.

The discussion starts with some general cat and paranormal discussion, soon shifting to 'orbs' and the reality of these anomalies caught on camera.

The show naturally moves on to how the power of suggestion can make or break an investigation, more so even a public investigation.

There is also some interesting discussion on how the brain can trip up individuals and cause someone to hear something that may not have been said.

But one of the most interesting topics discussed in the episode is around the questions as to what is a ghost or what is the paranormal?!

There are many other things covered in this show, the episode includes a lot of references to cats so anyone that likes cats will enjoy the discussion regardless of the paranormal aspect and might even learn some interesting facts about how cats react to 'unseen' things.
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