Bigfoot Skull Found in 'What If' Hoax Scenario By Coyote Peterson
Tuesday 12th, July 2022
What was pushed as a 'genuine' find turns out to have been a 'what if' scenario portrayed by Coyote Peterson while out in the wilderness of British Columbia.

Initially a few photos were shared on social media platforms with the 'find', but since the full video has been released we now know that the 'find' was part of a 'what if' scenario that was put together by Coyote Peterson and his crew.

The scenario has Peterson about to start walking up a stream just waiting on the drone camera to get a GPS signal, as Peterson is waiting he spots an eye socket in the bed of the stream, he radios for the rest of the tam to come up.

Once the rest of the team arrive at Peterson's spot they start to debate as to what the skull belongs to as Peterson pulls it out of the stream bed, initially suggesting it was a bear they all soon start to speculate that the skull belongs to a primate.

With they the agree to leave the skull in the place it was found with a log over it and they pinned the location on one of their phones to come back at a later date.

As the team move out of the wilderness, Peterson says he forgot his bag, goes back to get it and takes the skull with him in his bag.

The full video can be viewed at the reference link below.
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