Autopsy of an Alien Abduction - Part 1
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Wednesday 30th, June 2021
We have all seen in the movies or read in books or magazines about alien abductions where beings from another planet come into your house at night or snatch you up from your car in the middle of nowhere. There is also the flipside where people don't believe beings from another planet are visiting earth just to pluck up people going about their lives and inflict pointless trauma. For this series of articles for 'Autopsy of an Alien Abduction' we're going to look at alien abductions from the point of view that it's real and occurring regularly around the world.

So, how do I know if I'm an abductee, is it even possible to know or do only certain people know they're an abductee?

Based on some of the estimates available (it is very difficult/impossible to have what you would call an official number) from the many different 'research' organisations the understanding currently is that the majority of abductees (a person taken against their will) have no idea they have ever been abducted and that it is possibly occurring on a regular basis.

If we assume this is the case, let's look at why do most abductees not know they are being taken against their will for whatever might be happening to them, is there a reason or are they just unlucky to have been randomly selected for abduction?!

It's generally understood that abductions follow families and continue through the generations from the first case within that family, though it's not as clear if the abductions occur to all family members or to only certain members and if it's only certain members, it's not known why certain family members are chosen over others.

Already we've raised many more unanswered questions that we can answer, this will unfortunately be a common undertone when it comes to alien abductions, but we'll keep moving forward regardless.

For a lot of abductees they don't know anything about abductions that are taking place but over time they might start to see signs that they find confusing and can't understand, a lot of times the abductee will be in complete denial that what is happening to them could be an alien abduction.

Some of the initial signs you might be an abductee:

1) Missing time: missing time has been reported in many different ways, from unexplained time jumps like one moment it's 2pm and a few seconds later it could be 3pm and there is no recollection of the gap of time. Another form of missing time is where an individual doesn't even know there has been missing time, for example a person goes for a walk and they have been gone for say an hour but when they return back from their walk, they find that people have been trying to contact them and that a number of hours have passed.

2) Marks on body: it's been reported that unexplained scoop marks, surgical marks, bruising and puncture marks can be initial indicators that make people aware that they may be an abductee.

3) 'Microchipped': some abductees report finding a small metallic-like chip just under their skin, the position of this chip is different for each individual.

There are other 'symptoms' that abductees report initially but the above three tend to be the most common ones.

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for part 2 of this series of articles, Autopsy of an Alien Abduction.
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