Mystery Surrounds Sarcophagus Found in Ruins of Notre Dame
Wednesday 8th, June 2022
After the devastating fire that gutted Notre Dame cathedral in 2019, work started to bring the catherdral back to its former glory. During this work to rebuild the cathedral many previously unseen relics which where hidden deep within the cathedral have seen the light of day once again.

It's also a curious question to ask, had these relics been lost to time and have only been found now due to the fire?!

One of these relics that has been recovered is a large stone sarcophagus which is thought to date back to the 14th century. The sarcophagus was found during preparatory work to rebuild the Notre Dame spire.

Currently it is not known who is interred within the sarcophagus and it's hoped that the sarcophagus will be opened in the very near future.