Woman Faces Ghost Fear by Ghost Hunting
Friday 20th, May 2022
A woman who has claimed she has been 'stalked' by poltergeist has said she has managed to overcome her fear by facing it.

Debbie McAll who works as an office worker, says that she has been experiencing poltergeist activity around her since 2012, Debbie has said that since the entity has attached itself to her she has experienced many different interactions, reportedly once having been pulled down a stairs.

Debbie went to see a medium after all the poltergeist activity started to get more understanding on what is happening. Debbie said that the medium was able to give more insight into her experiences and she felt she could "regain control" of her life bye getting rid of the negative energy around her.

Debbie started to go on ghost hunter outings to help her face her fear of ghosts and is now an experienced investigator.

Debbie has gone on more than 120 investigations with her event company Ghost2Ghost, taking a mix of believers and skeptics along the way.


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