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Missing 411 - Off The Grid

Missing 411 - Off The Grid is the seventh book in the best selling series about missing people. The books are based on actual law enforcement, search and rescue and archived reports of incidents. The author has based the narrative on delivering the facts and not making unsubstantiated claims. Thousands of case files were reviewed and what’s presented are incidents that fit narrow criteria of established profile points.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Off the Grid means, "untraceable through normal means". The individuals that are documented in this seventh book of the Missing 411 series fit this definition to perfection. The disappearances involve physicists, physicians, professors, hikers, hunters, children, and joggers. Cases from thirty states, six Canadian provinces and five countries are included.

Each of these stories is new to the Missing 411 series. Disappearances from national parks, forests and open spaces that have never been discussed or compared to similar instances are included. Updated tables from past books assist the reader in understanding the vast numbers of missing that fit the established profile. Early reviewers of this book have called it the most intriguing and thought-provoking of the series.