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The Pleiadian Child

A rare insight into my childhood past and all its pain and clarity of spiritual insight into who I was and why I was here. After years of all kinds of abuse, sexual, physical, emotional an alcoholic mother, poverty and “real hunger”, everything all thrown into my little pot. I decided to end my young life at the age of 12. It was a day that changed my life forever and brought forth such great spiritual lessons to me. My Out of Body experience with Jesus where he took me on a journey that changed everything, the spiritual journey he took me on taught me many spiritual lessons both for myself and humanity. I was “gone” for hours, as he downloaded and shared information with me. I am sharing my story with you my story my truth of who I am, who you are, we are not alone, we have never been alone, we do not come from earth, we are the Ancient Aliens, we are The Pleiadians, we are the children of Light. Many times, during my childhood years I had a connection with The Pleiadians and I didn’t know it. I was shown many things as a child, visions of Egypt and secret knowledge that lay buried, The Halls of Learning, The Library of Alexandria, Rome, Atlantis, including beneath the Sphinx and the secret hidden chambers. I just hadn’t known it was the Pleiadians sharing with me their knowledge, wisdom and history of who we are, there history is our future. In 2009 I began Channelling, in 2010 I came to realise that I was channelling the Pleiadians. In 2011 while doing a shamanic course in Galway with Paul O'Halloran. I Re-Discovered lost memories of my childhood of connecting with the Pleiadians since my early childhood and beyond that. This is my story so far and includes channelled information from the Pleiadians both from childhood and recently. It is both my personal story and connection with them, and channelled information, about our true history and origins of who we are, where we came from, why we are here.