Baba Yaga
Sunday 1st, August 2021
According to Slavic folklore, Baba yaga is a supernatural being who lives with one or two sisters of the same name and is said to live deep in a forest in Russia in a house that stands on chicken legs surrounded by pine trees and glowing skulls. Baba Yaga is said to be the guardian of the fountains of the water of life.

There are many tales of Baba Yaga, but typically she will aid young visitors who stumble upon her hut in the woods or she'll eat them.

In the story of Vasilisa the Beautiful which is believed to be the most famous story about Baba Yaga. Vasilisa lives with her wicked step mother and her two step sisters who all want Vasilisa dead.

After trying many times to kill Vasilisa the step mother and two step sisters send Vasilisa to Baba Yaga's hut in the woods under the knowledge that she eats humans. Instead Baba Yaga gets Vasilisa to do a couple of impossible tasks before dawn which Vasilisa completes.

As a reward for completing these tasks Vasilisa is given one of the skull lanterns that rings Baba Yaga's house. When Vasilisa returns to her step mother and two step sisters the skull engulfs in flames killing all three in turn freeing Vasilisa from her family's grasp. It's said that Vasilisa went on to marry the Tsar.

Baba Yaga is described as a witch with cannibalistic tendencies, on some accounts with a preference for child victims. On the other hand Baba Yaga is seen as a wise prophetess who gives guidance and help to lost travellers.

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