Russell Edwards - Shadow Whispers In The Night - 20th May 2023
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Monday 22nd, May 2023
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In this latest show from Shadow Whispers in the Night which is hosted by Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi she talks to Russell Edwards, author of the book 'Naming Jack The Ripper'.

Bringing together ground-breaking forensic discoveries and gripping historical detective work, Naming Jack the Ripper constructs the first truly convincing case for identifying the world’s most notorious serial killer.

In 1888, five women were murdered and multilated by an uncaught murderer who name, created by an enterprising letter writer, has gone down in history and legend as "Jack the Ripper".

At the time of the murders, numerous leads were followed and many suspects were apprehended. However, the police could find no concrete proof to convict anybody of the crimes.

The public reacted with displays of extreme anger and panic, fed by the burgeoning press, who created a sensation that will reverberates today. The murders may have ended, but the game of 'Hunt the Ripper' has been a persistent endeavor for historians, true crime enthusiasts and armchair detectives and continues into the 21st century.

Fast forward over 100 years, when William Waddwell, curator of Scotland Yard's Black Museum reveled that a woman's shawl, believed to be that of the forth ripper victim. Catherine Eddowes, was in the possession of the Museum. She had been found murdered and severely mutilated in the Mitre Square in the City of London in the early hours of Sunday 30th September 1888.

The shawl was owned for descendants of PC Amos Simpson, who, according to his family arrived at the murder scene, saw the shawl next to the body, and was allowed to take it away, Stained with blood. It was subsequently returned to the family and remained hidden until 2007 when it was put up for sale at auction. The buyer was Russell Edwards who decided that the shawl needed the in - depth scientific investigation it deserved.

What followed was an incredible journey of discovery. containing revelation after revelation, based on the results of the state of the art forensic analysis with the full cooperation of Catherine Eddowes descendants to ascertain it true origins. The answer was positive - DNA evidence unequivocally matched the blood on the shawl with the DNA of Catherine Eddowes' direct descendant along with the female line.

Even more excitingly, the scientists identified and isolated other DNA on the shawl belonging almost certainly to the Ripper. Having ascertained that the shawl belonged to the murderer and not the victim and with the DNA of the killer now available, could Russell answer the great question, Who was Jack the Ripper?

Russell Edwards fitted the final piece into this incredible jigsaw. it is a piece which has eluded all for over a century.

This book 'Naming Jack the Ripper' is the most important ever written on the Jack the Ripper mystery. With the help of scientific analysis, DNA and other modern forensic techniques, Russell has made ground breaking discoveries which will impact hugely on any future investigations into the Whitechapel murders. They provide conclusive answers to the many of the most challenging mysteries surrounding the case.

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